Announcing the New Force Science Certification Course: A Hybrid Format With Enhanced Online Learning Modules

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The new hybrid Force Science Certification Course expertly blends online and in-person learning. This cutting-edge course aligns advanced educational methods, top national instructors, and the latest scientifically grounded law enforcement training.

Foundational topics (e.g., basic anatomy and physiology), and necessary background research (e.g., unintended discharges and shell casing ejection studies) are now covered online. This strategic shift provides students the opportunity to arrive well-prepared for immediate and deep engagement with Force Science’s research and case studies.

The New Human Performance module integrates with research on officer performance under high-stress conditions, emphasizing the scientific underpinnings of trained responses.

Critical subjects, including the biomechanics of force, psychology of crisis encounters, arrest-related deaths, the science of human performance, and in-depth case analysis, continue to be taught in person by our distinguished team of experts, including Ph.D.’s, M.D.s, and seasoned law enforcement trainers. This team’s expertise is supported by academic textbooks and over a thousand research studies.

Instructional Team

The legal section and the cognitive interview segment of the course have transitioned to an online format, providing a comprehensive curriculum. These segments can be completed at the attendees’ convenience. The integration of online components, both before and after the in-person class, means that attendees will spend one less day on-site, yet have access to more content. This approach allows more time for interactive engagement and Q&A sessions with course instructors. This updated format enhances the educational experience and practical use of the course material, while providing financial savings for the participating departments spending less on travel and lodging expenses.

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    1. Force Science

      Greetings Timothy! Thanks for reaching out – at this time, this course is not approved for the GI Bill, but this is something our team is exploring in the future.

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