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Over 15,000 students from 2,400 agencies across the globe have been trained by Force Science in human performance and behavior in high-stress and deadly force encounters. We are committed to providing law enforcement professionals with the best training and most advanced, professionally-relevant understanding of the complex scientific principles and human factors impacting performance. Force Science Institute instructors are experts in their fields. Whether they are law enforcement officers, medical doctors, psychologists, scientists, or attorneys, their instruction is adapted to a law enforcement context. This training will enhance accuracy in the investigative process, help protect career, agency, and community integrity, as well as lives. Our instruction is delivered in a manner that not only educates but also fascinates.


Course Offerings

Introduction to Human Dynamics and Conflict Resolution

2-Day Course

Force Science Certification

5-Day Course

Fundamentals of Realistic De-Escalation

1-Day Course

Realistic De-escalation Instructor Course

2-Day Course

Force Science Advanced Specialist

18-Week Course

Body-Worn Cameras

2-Day Course

Custom Training

Let Us Bring Custom Training to Your Agency

Course Instructors

All Force Science Institute courses are taught exclusively by an impressive team of renowned experts who make up the elite Force Science Institute instructional team. These groundbreaking professionals, whose personal work directly impacts our understanding of the complex areas we explore will instruct on a wide variety of important dynamics that affect the analysis and investigation of force encounters and will lead to a new certification for investigators of force-related incidents.

  • Attorneys
  • Behavioral Scientists
  • Physicians
  • Psychologists
  • Other Leading Professionals

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