Consulting Services

Case Evaluations, Litigation Consulting, Policy Reviews
Evaluating Force Encounters Through Research, Training, and Real-World Practices

Force Science Consulting Division

The Force Science Institute’s Consulting Division includes some of the nation’s top use-of-force experts. Our members are academic, legal, and industry-leading professionals uniquely qualified to explain human performance during dynamic force encounters. We specialize in understanding the psychological, physiological, and environmental influences that can impact perception, attention, and performance during police and civilian-involved critical incidents.

Our Review Process

Free Pre-consultation Meeting

  • A synopsis of the incident
  • Potential Human Performance, Decision-Making, and Technological Issues
  • Review of Consulting Process and Witness Selection

During Consultation

May Ask Clarifying Questions and Provide:
  • Identification of the major relevant human factors involved in the incident
  • Explanations of human factors identified above
  • Identification of potential visual and auditory evidence concernsDash Cam, Body Cam, Surveillance Camera, Radio
  • A description of methods for courtroom demonstration so each factor may be understood by the layman
  • If applicable, a suggested courtroom strategy for human factor presentations

After Consultation

The Force Science Institute can often provide recommendations for expert witnesses to assist clients in the education of judges, juries, and other decision-makers.

Continued Support

If requested, the Force Science Insitute can provide continued support
  • Consult with counsel regarding published research
  • Consult with expert witnesses
  • On-going expert consultation, both pre-hearing and in court
  • Draft expert direct and cross examination questions