Force Science Specialist Course

Next Class Starts January 29, 2024

Advanced Research & Clinical Insights Beyond Force Science Certification: The Next Phase for Analysts.

Enroll in our 18-week online Advanced Force Science Specialist Course to gain an in-depth understanding of behavioral science principles. This program is meticulously designed to equip participants with knowledge about human performance during high-stress, rapidly unfolding force encounters. Ideal for those seeking specialized training in the field of force science.

18-Week Course

This 100% online course features live instructors, guest expert lectures, asynchronous discussions, live group chats, and offline learning activities.

POST Credits

This course is certified for 50 hours of continued law enforcement education credits by the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST).

College Credits

Participants who successfully pass this course are eligible for six undergraduate-level credits through our established academic partnership with Columbia Southern University.

Course Overview

The advanced course delves deeper than the previous Force Science Certification Course, encompassing a wider range of foundational research and clinical aspects. As the subsequent stage in becoming a Force Science Analyst, it emphasizes the comprehensive study of human performance during high-intensity use of force scenarios.

This program hones in on the intricate facets of human behavior during critical incidents, anchored in solid research and theory about high-stress human performance. By the end, attendees will not only have a robust theoretical grounding but also the capability to succinctly convey these insights.

Central to the course is how this knowledge pertains to police use-of-force situations. Participants will traverse the vast landscape of behavioral science that sheds light on the human aspects of an officer’s decision to use force. This encompasses understanding fundamental motor actions, their role during pivotal moments, attention dynamics like eye tracking and focus, pattern discernment, proactive thinking, decision-making processes, and memory recall.

Integral to the course content is a deep dive into scholarly texts and articles penned by eminent figures in the field. Engaging directly with these researchers offers an enriched perspective. Alongside this, Force Science will provide key source documents for review. Every participant is anticipated to grasp and converse about the contemporary research underpinnings of behavioral science topics introduced, especially in the context of use-of-force incidents.

The Advanced Specialist Course covers a broad spectrum of topics, which include but aren’t limited to:

  • The importance of an empirical foundation in use-of-force training and its role in enhancing investigations into officer-involved force incidents.
  • An in-depth analysis of how the type and quality of training influence skill development and performance.
  • Examination of how an officer's personal traits, training, and experience influence their decision-making during a force event and their post-event recall.
  • Techniques to unveil and apply relevant information in investigations.
  • Methods to evaluate force incidents, identifying pertinent behavioral science principles to ensure comprehensive, impartial, and factual investigations.
  • A special emphasis on the link between an officer's training and various elements of their incident, particularly the challenges arising from the need for a swift, effective response to threats.
  • The effects of automaticity and other performance variables on the investigation process.
  • Strategies to derive training principles from real-life force encounters.

Course Delivery

The course is offered 100% online and encompasses various interactive components. These include asynchronous discussion threads, live group discussions on course material, and real-time lectures from both our instructors and invited experts. A breakdown of the learning activities is provided below:

  • Reading assignments.
  • Bi-weekly quizzes.
  • Online discussions.
  • Bi-weekly Zoom sessions.
  • A major paper.
  • Final exam.
  • Multi-day case study clinical.

Prerequisite Requirement

Applicants must have completed the Force Science Certification Course to be eligible to apply for this course, demonstrating expertise in human performance during high-stress situations. This expertise includes a deep understanding of neurophysiology, vision, cognition, memory, decision-making, learning theory, exercise physiology, and kinesiology. Ideally, candidates should have experience investigating officer-involved use of force or influencing training practices and curriculum, especially after attending the Force Science Certification Course to integrate its principles into their roles.

POST & College Credits

POST Credits

This course is eligible for 50 hours of Continued Law Enforcement Education (CLEE) credits by the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST).

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The IADLEST National Certification Program (NCP) establishes minimum standards for police continuing education vendors, ensuring training content meets these quality requirements.

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College Credit

Participants qualify for six undergraduate-level college credits through our formal academic alliance with Columbia Southern University.

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Columbia Southern University is a fully online institution, providing an array of programs that cover associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree levels across a diverse range of disciplines.

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