Partnering Instructor

Nicholas Murray, Ph.D.


Dr. Nicholas Murray is a Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at East Carolina University. Dr Murray has authored over 40 publications and has spent his career examining visual and motor factors that influence human performance in dynamic environments. This includes research and publications concerning cognitive motor control, visual behavior, and motor dysfunction. His primary research interest is to determine antecedents and consequences of an individual’s ability to function in dynamic situations based on physiological changes that can either facilitate or debilitate performance. He has extensive expertise in a variety of physiological and behavioral measurements including: eye movement measurement; muscle activity; neuroimaging (electroencephalogram); biometrics, and heart rate variability. His recent work includes factors that influence visual expertise in officers when they encounter a threat or potential threat and the role of physiological arousal on visual search during a high stress, high threat, use of force scenarios.