Michael Musengo, Sergeant (Ret.)

Director of Learning and Development, Staff Instructor
Force Science


A recently retired Police Training Commander and Director of a mid-sized Regional Police Academy in upstate NY, Sergeant Mike Musengo has studied and implemented non-traditional and empirically supported methods of training which optimizes long term learning, retention and skill transfer into the LEO training experience.  These methods coupled with his experience as an instructor in human performance factors has helped him develop training curriculum for not only the officer on the street but the trainers who are responsible for them.

His background includes NY State DCJS Certifications as a General Topics Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Reality based Training Instructor and Academy Director.  He has specialized in tactical operations for over 26 years and the Director of the NYS DCJS Accredited Basic SWAT Operator Course and has experience as the commanding officer for all firearms and tactics related training for the Syracuse Police Department and SPD SWAT team.  He spent 19 years as a narcotics detective working as an undercover operative and was a sworn DEA Task force agent working larger multi-jurisdictional narcotics cases.

Mike has also successfully completed the Certification in Force Analysis course and is a graduate of the Advanced Force Science Specialist Course.  Mike is also known for his work with Force Science in many capacities, including Instructor in these highly esteemed courses across the US.  Mike is also a nationally recognized IADLEST Certified Instructor and considered an expert in several domains within the Law Enforcement profession.