Announcing the New Force Science Certification Course: A Hybrid Format With Enhanced Online Learning Modules

The new hybrid Force Science Certification Course expertly blends online and in-person learning. This cutting-edge course aligns advanced educational methods, top national instructors, and the latest scientifically grounded law enforcement training. Foundational topics (e.g., basic anatomy and physiology), and necessary background research (e.g., unintended discharges and shell casing ejection studies) are now covered online. This...
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Three Force Science Peer-Reviewed Articles Published

When police experts develop training, create policy, or testify in court, their opinions are expected to reflect law enforcement’s generally accepted customs and practices.  Although contemporary police training and practices are often based on scientific literature, experts are not limited to peer-reviewed scientific studies when forming their opinions.  Instead, experts may consider information from any...
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Erik Hein, Author of Frontline Training, Interviews Force Science’s Dr. Bill Lewinski

Sports Scientist and Epidemiologist, Erik Hein, author of Frontline Training and expert in Danger and Violence Control for police, sat down with Force Science’s Dr. Bill Lewinski for a two-part video interview.  Starting with some of Dr. Lewinski’s latest research into the startle response and police performance, the interview went on to tackle a broad...
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2023 National Law Enforcement Hall of Fame – Dr. Bill Lewinski

On March 30, 2023, Dr. Bill Lewinski was inducted into the National Law Enforcement Officer Hall of Fame, where he was honored with the Lifetime Law Enforcement Trainer Award. Generations of police trainers, investigators, and attorneys have relied on the work of Dr. Lewinski to develop training, conduct sophisticated investigations, and achieve honest accountability.  With...
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2023 National Law Enforcement Officer Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

Congratulations to Force Science’s Dr. Bill Lewinski and the 2023 National Law Enforcement Officer Hall of Fame inductees! The National Law Enforcement Officer Hall of Fame is pleased to announce the selection of the 2023 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Inductees. Judges received scores of nominations detailing outstanding performance by law enforcement professionals throughout the...
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Force Science Consulting Division:
Case Update

Officer-Involved Shooting: Officer Toni McBride, Los Angeles, CA | April 22, 2020 The California Department of Justice (CA DoJ) released its findings and recommendations concerning the April 22, 2020, officer-involved shooting of Daniel Hernandez by Los Angeles Police Officer Toni McBride. As part of their investigation, the CA DoJ requested that members of the Force...
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Join Us At TASERCON 2023 | Public Safety Training Evolved

Force Science is honored to announce that Von Kliem, Director of Consulting, will be a featured presenter at Axon’s inaugural TASERCON event. For those who aren’t familiar with TASERCON, it is a first-of-its-kind, high-energy, experiential training and educational experience for law enforcement. Axon’s mission is to Protect Life — but more importantly, it’s to help...
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Force Science Achieves National Certification and International Recognition

In 2015, the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) began the National Certification Program for law enforcement continuing education. In partnership with 36 states, IADLEST employs more than 200 experts to review and validate proposed law enforcement training. With certification standards that exceed individual state requirements, IADLEST-certified training has been...
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Association of Force Investigators (AFI)

The Association of Force Investigators (AFI) is a new association formed to provide training and support for force investigators. AFI brings together local, national, and international police use-of-force experts, including human factors researchers, attorneys, psychologists, use-of-force investigators, and trainers. Through a secure online platform, members can network, communicate, and share resources. Leading experts provide specialized...
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Force Science Scholarship Award Winners

We’re thrilled to announce the recipients of the Force Science Scholarship Awards. This award was created from a partnership between VirTra and the Force Science Institute, allowing twelve outstanding peace officers around the country to earn a scholarship to a five-day Force Science Certification Course in 2021. The peace officers chosen were from: Ames Police...
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