Craig Allen, Commander (Ret.)

Director of Training, Staff Instructor
Force Science


Craig Allen is a 27 year veteran of law enforcement and is currently a Commander with the Hillsboro Police Department in Oregon. He also serves as the Training Coordinator with the Force Science Institute overseeing training programs and an instructor within the Certification Course.

Allen was one of the first students to receive his Force Science Analyst Certification in 2008 and later attended the first formalized Force Science Advanced Specialist Course in 2014. Craig has been instrumental in coordinating several Force Science research projects while infusing human performance research into his agency’s training programs.

In 2015, Allen received the prestigious International Association of Law Enforcement Training Assocation (ILEETA) “Trainer of the Year” Award for his innovative approach to police training and scenario design incorporating fundamental human factors research. Craig is also responsible for research and development of his agency’s high liability areas relating to force response and is a court-recognized expert on police use of force and tactics.