Erik Hein, Author of Frontline Training, Interviews Force Science’s Dr. Bill Lewinski

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Sports Scientist and Epidemiologist, Erik Hein, author of Frontline Training and expert in Danger and Violence Control for police, sat down with Force Science’s Dr. Bill Lewinski for a two-part video interview. 

Starting with some of Dr. Lewinski’s latest research into the startle response and police performance, the interview went on to tackle a broad range of human performance topics and promising research into decision-making. These conversations provide a deeper look into many of the critical concepts introduced in the Force Science Certification course.

Erik Hein’s Interview with Force Science Expert Dr. Bill Lewinski | Part 1

In part one, Dr. Lewinski discusses the startle response and key takeaways from the research, including:

  • The difference between skilled and non-skilled officers following the startle response;
  • Observations from Tony Blauer’s startle response paradigm;
  • Training for an effective startle response;
  • A new 4-part response time model;
  • Critical observations from the Force Science “traffic stop” study;
  • When – Then Thinking;
  • The need for variability in police training; and
  • How experts engage in effective “sensemaking”.
Erik Hein’s Interview with Force Science Expert Dr. Bill Lewinski | Part 2

In part two, the interview continues with Dr. Lewinski and Erik Hein providing expert analysis of some of the most cutting-edge topics of our day, including:

  • What role emotional and physiological arousal plays in performance;
  • Effective arousal control strategies;
  • Dr. Daniel Huberman’s panoramic vision and stress management;
  • Using vision to manage stress responses;
  • The importance of ‘the scan’ in scan and breath techniques;
  • The best focus of attention for staying in the fight and problem solving; and much more!
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  1. Jerry M Goodridge

    Once again a,+ excellent!
    He are arriving at our own intelligence zone on human behaviour and especially that of men and women who put themselves fearlessly but cautiously in the line of duty to serve our communities.
    I have been a student of Dr W Lewinski and continue to do the work and respect the research being done to further assist all the graduates as Force Science Analyst

  2. Paul Dunkel

    Large amount of valuable information delivered in an exceptional format to the working police officer. Please consider producing and disseminating more videos like this one.

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