Top Stories of 2022

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As we begin 2023, you are invited to sign up for Force Science News, a resource many of the world’s top experts rely on in training for and evaluating use-of-force encounters. To get started, here are some of the editor’s top picks from 2022

U.S. Marshals Become Leader in Modern Police Training

“Like other highly skilled clinical professions, top law enforcement trainers will integrate expert knowledge [e.g., medical, tactical, legal] with expert performance and expert decision-making.  The Marshals have done just that.”

Top Experts Work with Force Science to Advance Police-Related Research

“Would it be possible to train officers to quickly identify and focus on critical information and make more accurate and effective decisions?  Force Science researchers have begun to answer these questions.”

Top Medical Experts Explore Safety of Vascular Neck Restraints. Will Their Findings Matter?

“Joined by top criminologists and sociologists, medical researchers reviewed [Vascular Neck Restraint] applications by law enforcement in both field and training environments. Here is what the evidence showed.”

Force Science Validates Legacy Research Findings

“Joining researchers from Rocky Mountain University, Utah, Force Science used high-tech body sensor technology and video to continue their investigation into stationary and dynamic shooting movements.”

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  1. Robert Smyth

    I’m a 33 year retired LEO who was a high liability trainer for a good part of my career. Force Science has been in the cutting edge with pertinent articles and information vital to any agency or trainer. As a retiree, I still enjoy reading their articles.

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