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Officer-Involved Shooting:

Officer Toni McBride, Los Angeles, CA | April 22, 2020

The California Department of Justice (CA DoJ) released its findings and recommendations concerning the April 22, 2020, officer-involved shooting of Daniel Hernandez by Los Angeles Police Officer Toni McBride.

As part of their investigation, the CA DoJ requested that members of the Force Science Consulting Division review the relevant evidence. Following their review, Force Science submitted an expert report detailing the expected influence of human factors on Officer McBride’s decision-making and performance.

The CA DoJ concluded:

After an independent review of the evidence discussed above, the DOJ concludes that the LAPD [Force Investigation Unit] conducted a thorough and independent investigation of this [officer-involved shooting].

Based on our independent review of this evidence and the expert opinion of Dr. Lewinski [executive director at Force Science], the DOJ has determined that Officer McBride acted in reasonable self-defense and/or defense of others and, therefore, criminal charges are not warranted.

The full CA DoJ report can be downloaded below.

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