Association of Force Investigators (AFI)

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The Association of Force Investigators (AFI) is a new association formed to provide training and support for force investigators. AFI brings together local, national, and international police use-of-force experts, including human factors researchers, attorneys, psychologists, use-of-force investigators, and trainers.

Through a secure online platform, members can network, communicate, and share resources. Leading experts provide specialized educational opportunities, while members from across the world share access to some of the most up-to-date academic, legal, and policy resources.

Senior Force Science Instructor Inspector Chris Butler (Ret.) had this to say: “As an Advisory Board member of AFI, it is my goal to continue to advance law enforcement practices based upon an evidence-based approach. If we are serious about improving officer and public safety, it will only occur when we abandon rote ‘traditionalism’ in our training and practices and embrace a research-based approach. AFI will continue to be a solid, reliable organization of law enforcement professionals and researchers to advance this mandate.”

Although AFI is independent of the Force Science Institute, Force Science graduates, Advanced Specialists, and instructors have quickly filled the ranks.

Dr. Alexis Artwohl, the co-author of Deadly Force Encounters and a long-time Force Science instructor, is enthusiastic in her support: “[AFI is] doing an outstanding job providing science-based information and promoting scholarly dialogues. As a veteran educator, I’m proud to be on their advisory board.”

National conference presenter and Advanced Force Science Specialist Kevin Selverian sees potential wide-ranging benefits, “The diverse and collaborative nature of AFI will encourage the professional development of its membership, as well as promote the integrity and standing of the use-of-force investigation and analysis community.”


Those interested in joining the Association of Force Investigators can access the application on the AFI website with the link below.

AFI members are expected to foster and maintain a professional learning environment and to collaborate toward improving and advancing police use-of-force investigations. Membership is restricted to those who are professionally (or officially) responsible for the investigation, analysis, review, or adjudication of police use-of-force cases. Applicants’ resumes or CVs will be verified to ensure expertise and current responsibility in related fields.

​Annual membership dues are $495 and are used to maintain secure technology platforms and pay for administrative functions and speaker fees.

As listed on the AFI website, membership benefits include:

  • Secure access to the online member forum with regular opportunities for discussion and case review exercises.
  • Six high-quality online continuing education seminars per year. These seminars will be facilitated by top experts in their fields and will be chosen from across the relevant disciplines.
  • Access to the latest and most relevant research applicable to police use of force investigations.
  • Access to legal, policy, and procedure resources.
  • An active voice in the training and overall direction of AFI.

AFI Advisory Board

The AFI Advisory Board is composed of professionals who have joined AFI in their individual capacity. Among the board are Force Science Advanced Specialists, former and current instructors, conference presenters, and certification course graduates!

The AFI Advisory Board includes:

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