January 17, 2024


Bodycam Videos and Honest Accountability

Following the release of President Obama’s 21st Century Policing Report, body cameras were increasingly touted as a deterrent to unnecessary use of force by police.1 Discussions surrounding the role of police video often ignored video’s most intuitive benefit, that is, capturing evidence of disorderly, resistive, and criminal conduct within the community. Instead, video technology was...
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Announcing the New Force Science Certification Course: A Hybrid Format With Enhanced Online Learning Modules

The new hybrid Force Science Certification Course expertly blends online and in-person learning. This cutting-edge course aligns advanced educational methods, top national instructors, and the latest scientifically grounded law enforcement training. Foundational topics (e.g., basic anatomy and physiology), and necessary background research (e.g., unintended discharges and shell casing ejection studies) are now covered online. This...
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