Two Use Of Force Documents That Warrant Your Attention Online

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Two informative documents related to use-of-force issues have been posted for free access online by the nonprofit, police training and advocacy group, Americans for Effective Law Enforcement.

1. A 60-page article on police confrontations with armed, violent, and mentally ill subjects. The author, staff editor of the Whittier Law Review, points out that persons with mental afflictions are seven times more likely to come in contact with police and that they often are armed and noncompliant. The explores in details what major court decisions require in terms of law enforcement accommodations for these individuals and offers recommendations for officers on how to safely comply with legal standards.

The article can be accessed by CLICKING HERE

2. An extensive report from NYPD’s Inspector General on use-of-force practices in the nation’s largest police agency. This was initiated after the controversial arrest-related death of Eric Garner, mislabeled as a “chokehold” victim, in 2014. The report explores force trends, reporting, training, de-escalation instruction, and discipline, with recommendations for improvement.

To access, CLICK HERE

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