Physical Exertion


New Force Science Studies: The Stand Up Speed Of Proned-out Suspects, Plus The Impact Of Physical Exertion On Shooting Performance

Some surprising findings are surfacing in the preliminary analyses of two new studies conducted by the Force Science Institute. One study concerns the speed with which a suspect can scramble up from a proned-out position to a flight-or-fight stance. Results are showing that the time involved is far shorter than you may think, despite positioning...
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Do Resistance and Use Of Force Affect Accuracy Of Sobriety Testing?

Will a foot chase, a physical struggle, or the use of non-deadly force on a drunk-driving suspect affect his ability to perform field sobriety testing accurately? The suspect’s lawyer might like a judge or jury to think so–but findings from a new, first-of-its-kind study suggest otherwise. The study, led by Dr. Jeffrey Ho of the...
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Study Yields Jury-Friendly Measure Of Stress Caused By CEW Deployment

Another recent study led by Dr. Jeffrey Ho may be useful to police attorneys in getting civilian jurors to understand the true level of physiological stress inflicted on a subject by CEW broad-spread probe deployment. The stress impact of Tasing often becomes the alleged culprit in arrest-related death litigation and can easily be exaggerated in...
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New Study: Force & Struggle Don’t Affect Sobriety Test Results

A new study reported recently at an international emergency medical conference concludes that a variety of control measures, including Tasing and physical restraint, will not affect a suspect’s ability to accurately perform a standardized field sobriety test. The issue arose from litigation in New York State involving a suspected drunk driver who ran from police...
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Final Findings From Force Science Exhaustion Study

The Force Science research team that explored officer exhaustion through a unique set of experiments in Canada last September has now issued its official findings—first presented in detail in the Force Science Certification Course conducted in Wisconsin this past week (4/18-4/22) and scheduled for integration into future courses—with these significant conclusions: Less than 60 seconds...
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