February 28, 2006


Work Stress & You: A Dire Picture With Rays Of Hope

You know it in your heart, so to speak. Scientists have confirmed it. Now they’re confirming it again: Job stress of the kind you may experience in police work can play hell with your cardiovascular health. But there may be a way for you to beat the odds. British researchers who tracked more than 10,300...
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Study Says Training Can Fuel Bad Post-Shooting Reactions

The latest study of officers’ reactions during and after shootings has yielded some upbeat conclusions–and some surprises. The full report, “Police Responses to Officer-Involved Shootings,” is available in both Word and pdf formats at: https://www.ncjrs.gov/pdffiles1/nij/grants/192286.pdf Under a federal grant, Klinger used questionnaires and personal interviews to explore the emotional, psychological and physical reactions of 80...
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Expectations are Greater than Training for Off-Duty Action

A comment by a plaintiff’s expert witness during the trial of a civil suit against a Rhode Island police department has led a private law enforcement training organization to conduct an informative survey regarding off-duty policies and practices. The witness was testifying in a case in which an armed off-duty officer intervened in an altercation,...
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Policing is Monkey Business, Scientists Discover

Special individuals capable of impartially resolving disputes and using force to maintain order when necessary help keep monkey communities from collapsing in chaos, just as LEOs do in human society, researchers are discovering. “It seems clear that among more highly developed animals, Nature considers policing to be an absolutely essential element in protecting a given...
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Are Shoot-To-Wound Laws The Next Activist Crusade?

A New York state senator has introduced legislation that he says would force police officers using deadly force to try to shoot violent suspects in the arms or legs to stop them. His proposed law also requires that officers stop firing at an attacker as soon as a threat is neutralized, or face felony charges...
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