Qualified Immunity


The 21-foot “Rule” is Back in the News!

Yes.  The 21-foot “rule” is back in the news.  And if we’ve been doing our job as police trainers, most of you will be thinking, “It’s not a rule!  It’s simply the principle that an average person can sprint 21 feet in roughly 1.5 seconds.  Incidentally, that’s about the same time it takes an officer...
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Containment and De-Escalation: The Honest Debate Continues

As the case of Estate of Jaime Ceballos v. Husk,[i] winds its way through the courts, the concepts of containment and de-escalation are once again being discussed by police professionals.  In the Ceballos case, officers responded to a high-priority disturbance involving a man “with two bats and acting crazy.”  After parking several houses away, officers...
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