Badge Placement Affects Survival Odds For Plainclothes Cops

When officers who’ve just finished a shooting exercise gather around and an instructor holds up a “no-shoot” target that looks like it’s been riddled by machine gun fire, that’s a sobering moment. Especially when the officers now see that the target sports a badge. Some flat out deny they fired any mistaken rounds. But after...
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Force Science Pinpoints Human Dynamics Of Police-On-Police Shootings (Part 2)

Part 2 of a 2-part series A Governor’s Task Force in New York recently issued a 147-page report on police-on-police shootings in which it emphasizes that “unconscious race bias” may be a compelling factor when out-of-uniform officers, working plainclothes or taking some law enforcement action off-duty, are mistaken for life-threatening criminals and are shot dead...
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The Ultimate Tragedy: What’s The Truth About Police-On-Police Shootings? (Part 1)

Part 1 of a 2-part series The first comprehensive nationwide survey of mistaken-identity, “friendly fire” fatalities in law enforcement has been completed by a governor’s task force in New York, unearthing a wealth of informative and useful data but raising a controversial specter that “unconscious racial biases” against minority officers may influence some of these...
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Can You Aid This Research Into Police-On-Police Shootings?

Have you ever been confronted by another officer who mistook you for a suspect when you were out of uniform? Have you ever been the challenging officer in such a situation? Do you have ideas for tactics or training that might prevent tragic consequences in these dicey, life-threatening circumstances? If so, a governor’s task force...
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