Investigation Techniques


Is “TEDS PIE” On Your Menu For Cognitive Interviewing?

As an OIS investigator, you may find a serving of TEDS PIE to be helpful when you’re taking statements about a shooting from involved officers and witnesses. That acronym is offered as a questioning tool by Dr. Edward Geiselman, co-developer of the cognitive interviewing technique and a faculty member for the Force Science Certification Course....
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New Study: Cops Use Wrong Tactics In Questioning Witnesses

Officers interviewing witnesses are “potentially reducing the amount of information retrieved” by talking too much, asking too many closed-end questions, and failing to adhere to science-based methods for mining memory, according to new findings by a Canadian research team. Analyzing a sample of 90 interviews with witnesses to violent crimes, the team discovered that: On...
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Backwards Storytelling Surfaces Deception Cues, New Study Reveals

Theories abound about how best to tell if a suspect is lying to you, short of hooking him up to a polygraph. But based on recently reported experiments, a Force Science advisor thinks one of the best ways to surface cues to possible deception may be simply to have the subject tell his or her...
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Do’s And Don’ts Of Questioning Young Suspects In Major Crimes

The 8-year-old Arizona boy recently alleged to have fatally shot his father and another man with a .22-cal. rifle is not the first child of tender years to be accused of a brutal crime. Nor, given today’s pervasive violence, will he likely be the last. If the next strikes in your jurisdiction, how can your...
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