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What Happens When Activists Get Use Of Force Training?

In a letter to the editor that we printed in issue #273 [1/14/15], Sgt. Casey Bokavich of the Redding (CA) PD mentioned that his agency was preparing to host members of a local civil rights group for a training session on police use of force. We decided to check in recently to see how that...
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Amid Shooting Furors, Politicians Get A Special “Training Day”

As police shootings in the St. Louis area stoked emotions and headlines, a group of officers conducted a “day of immersion” into the world of law enforcement for local politicians in hopes of opening their eyes and minds to the realities behind the badge. The special training unfolded against a backdrop of still-smoldering protests over...
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New Video Combats Public Myths About Police Shootings

In a unique production assisted by the Force Science Institute, law enforcement authorities in an Oregon county have created an online video that explains to civilians the realities of officer-involved shootings and counters prevalent myths fostered by Hollywood fantasies. In 17 minutes, the program ranges from addressing why officers don’t try to shoot knives out...
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New Study Yields Unique Grid For Computing Suspect Speed In Officer Attacks

The latest time-and-motion study from the Force Science Research Center offers investigators and prosecutors a new tool to apply to officer-involved shootings and other threat encounters and presents trainers with a challenge in improving their students’ firearms skills. The study’s core findings are captured in a unique grid chart that you can download and print...
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