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Discover the intricate dynamics of force encounters in this essential 469-page paperback book, ‘Force Science – Peer-Reviewed Scientific Research.’ This book helps bridge the gap between law, tactics, and human behavior under stress, serving as a crucial reference source for law enforcement, courts, and communities. It aids in understanding how human and environmental factors influence use-of-force decision-making, performance, and outcomes. In this book, you will find 24 peer-reviewed research articles representing some of the most critical questions asked by the Force Science research team — with answers that continue to inform investigations, training, and honest accountability.

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Discover the Intricacies of Force Science with Our Peer-Reviewed Research Collection

Dive into the fascinating world of Force Science through our exclusive book, showcasing 24 peer-reviewed research articles. This carefully curated collection is a treasure trove of scientific investigations delving into the interplay between human and environmental factors in use-of-force events. Each article in this compilation has passed through stringent peer-review processes and has been previously published in renowned scientific journals.

At Force Science, our core mission is to advance knowledge and education in the realm of law enforcement and related fields. We recognize the hurdles professionals face in accessing high-quality scientific resources. This book is our initiative to bridge that gap, providing a comprehensive and accessible resource for those keen on understanding the nuances of Force Science.

Access to peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts is often costly, posing a financial burden on interested individuals. In response, we have obtained publication rights from multiple journals, allowing us to provide the entire volume at a significantly reduced price. This not only enhances affordability but also offers a convenient means of accessing our extensive research collection, as opposed to acquiring individual articles.

The research featured in this book, led by Force Science in collaboration with respected research partners, draws upon centuries of multidisciplinary research across fields such as medicine, psychology, aviation, safety, sports training, and the military. Our approach consistently integrates interdisciplinary research to deepen our comprehension of human performance in critical situations. We aim to explore methods for improving performance, with a particular focus on investigations, training, and maintaining transparent and honest accountability for both law enforcement and the public.

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December 2022