Partnering Instructor

Jeff Johnsgaard, Detective Sergeant


Jeff Johnsgaard has been a police officer since 2003 and currently is a Detective Sergeant. Jeff has been a Special Teams member since 2006, he continues to be a Use of Force, Firearms, and Defensive Tactics instructor for his agency and the police college.

Jeff is a Certified Force Science Advanced Specialist, a Nationally Certified Instructor under IADLEST and the Director of Research for the Reality Based Training Association. Jeff proudly teaches the Methods of Instruction course with Use of Force expert, Insp. (Ret) Chris Butler in Canada and with Force Science in the USA. Jeff also teaches the Reality Based Training Instructor course with author and founder of the Reality Based Training Association, Kenneth R. Murray.

Jeff has written over a dozen articles for Law Enforcement publications and has presented at IALEFI, ILEETA, IADLEST, Force Science and PORAC. Jeff trains decision-making, instructor development/optimal learning and use of force, specifically the unique 360° CQD method for vehicle anti-ambush internationally.