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The course is delivered through pre-recorded HD videos in traditional classroom-style lectures. A course booklet is also shipped to the participant.


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This is a self-guided course; however, we encourage participants to work on this routinely for knowledge retention on the final exam and teach-back project to complete the certification.



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Participants will have the ability to email or call our help desk with any questions that come up during the course. Most questions are answered the same day during normal business operations.


  • 12 Online Training Hours
  • 3 Expert Instructors
  • POST Credit Assistance Available

Delivered Through Our Learning Management System

Training Open to Both Officers and De-Escalation Instructors

The Realistic De-Escalation Instructor Course thoroughly dissects the complex concept of “de-escalation” and the many elements in determining its feasibility or effectiveness in a variety of encounter types. This deeper knowledge of de-escalation is valuable to both line officers and the investigators and administrators called in to review force events after the fact. All these parties will need to determine to what extent using de-escalation techniques is feasible in specific high-pressure and rapidly unfolding encounters.

This course is designed for law enforcement trainers, whether they deal with street officers, field supervisors, investigators, attorneys, administrators or any other group within law enforcement. Instead of being based on the rhetoric that exists around the emotionally charged subject of police use-of-force encounters and the specter of excessive force, the curriculum is based on unbiased scientific realities. The Force Science Institute’s research into human behavior as it applies to high-pressure encounters and de-escalation provides essential insights for law enforcement personnel at all levels and is designed to be the basis for de-escalation training for police.


Is there a test?

An online pre-test and post-test are administered before and after the course. Attendees need to score ≥ 75% of their post-test to pass the course in addition to completing a teach-back project for instructor review to obtain certification.

Is the certification the same?

Yes! The certification earned from completing this course is the same as if you had taken the course at one of our onsite training events.

For POST credits, we can provide the necessary assistance to help you obtain this through your POST Accreditation agency.

What is your refund policy?

You can request a refund up to 30 days after paying for access to an online course, provided you have not yet accessed the materials. In such cases,  20% of the course fee will be charged as an administration fee.

Any request for refunds after 30 days following purchase, or once you have accessed the online materials if approved, will receive a credit note which can be used towards an in classroom Realistic De-Escalation Instructor Course. Credit notes expire after 12 months.

All refund requests must be made to help@forcescience.org and include a brief explanation of the reason for the request.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept checks, credit cards, PayPal, money orders, and bank wires.

Please contact us directly at help@forcescience.org or call us 1-800-526-9444 for payment and billing questions.