%$!# The Pain: Latest Research On The Benefit Of Foul Language

Swearing can help you better tolerate physical pain, provided you don’t do much of it in your ordinary daily life. That conclusion comes from a British research team reporting its latest findings on the analgesic benefit of cussing in The Journal of Pain, the official publication of the American Pain Society. Back in 2009, Dr....
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In Pain? Swear Your Way Out, New Study Advises

“%#&6^*!!?$@!!!” Ahhhhhhhhh! That feels better! At least that’s what a new British study promises. If you’re trying to ease the pain of an injury, says this first-of-a-kind research, start cussin’. Dr. Richard Stephens, a psychologist at Keele University in Staffordshire, England, accidentally smashed his little finger “really, really hard” with a hammer while building a...
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