Suspect Speed


New Assault Studies Ready for Publication

The Force Science Institute has completed three new studies on the speed and movements associated with armed assaults. Dr. Bill Lewinski explained: “The goal of our research was to obtain highly accurate measurements to further explore the findings of our earlier studies. Where we once measured movement speeds in the hundredths of a second, we...
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New Force Science Studies: The Stand Up Speed Of Proned-out Suspects, Plus The Impact Of Physical Exertion On Shooting Performance

Some surprising findings are surfacing in the preliminary analyses of two new studies conducted by the Force Science Institute. One study concerns the speed with which a suspect can scramble up from a proned-out position to a flight-or-fight stance. Results are showing that the time involved is far shorter than you may think, despite positioning...
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New Study Yields Unique Grid For Computing Suspect Speed In Officer Attacks

The latest time-and-motion study from the Force Science Research Center offers investigators and prosecutors a new tool to apply to officer-involved shootings and other threat encounters and presents trainers with a challenge in improving their students’ firearms skills. The study’s core findings are captured in a unique grid chart that you can download and print...
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