Suicide by Cop


New Study Yields Best Profile Yet Of Suicide-By-Cop Offenders And Their Threat

A new study of suicide by cop that is unprecedented in its breadth, depth, and detail reveals that these encounters are “shockingly” on the rise, explains specific ways that they differ from “regular” OISs, and establishes emphatically that they create exceptional threats to civilian bystanders, responding officers, and the subjects themselves. “The single most important...
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Timely Info on “Shots Fired”

A timely article on “Surviving ‘Shots Fired’ Calls” by FSRC National Advisory Board member Dave Grossi appears in The Law Enforcement Trainer magazine (4th quarter 2004), just published by the American Society for Law Enforcement Training. Grossi reinforces the risks of these common but hazardous calls by citing a number of cases of officer deaths...
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Was Suspect’s Shooting A “Police Execution?”

Until the Force Science Research Center entered the case, no one knew precisely how Randall Carr ended up killed by a police bullet that tore into his body near his rectum and blew a hole in his heart. His angry relatives, with Johnnie Cochran’s legal team behind them, insisted it had to be a deliberate...
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