Sleep Fatigue


New Study: Anti-Fatigue Training Yields Big Benefits For Officers

Can just four hours of instruction on sleep problems and improvement help tired cops face the job with significantly less fatigue? Results of a recently published pilot study with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police suggest that’s possible. In a first-of-its-kind test, researchers headed by Dr. Lois James of Washington State U. in Spokane have found...
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New Washington State University Study: Even Tired Cops Are More Hesitant To Shoot Black Suspects

The most explosive crisis law enforcement faces today is the allegation that rampant racial bias drives officers’ shooting decisions. Yet a new study concludes that officers tend not to be biased against black suspects in resorting to deadly force, even when fatigued and thus potentially more vulnerable to making angry, irrational, and impulsive decisions. Indeed,...
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Sleep Deprivation And Gentle Reminders Have Opposite Effects On Fitness

Two research reports of interest to officers concerned about health and fitness: 1. A study from the University of Chicago reveals that sleep deprivation may inhibit your ability to lose weight, even if you exercise and eat well. The research shows that restricting sleep to just 4 hours per night—a familiar phenomenon to officers who...
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