Post-Shooting Recommendations


Follow-Up On Police Attorney’s “Right-To-Be-Silent” Strategy

In Force Science News #358 [2/27/18], we reported a recommendation from police defense attorney Scott Wood that after an OIS the officer involved should actively invoke his or her constitutional right to remain silent until such time that he or she is ready to give a formal statement. If that is not done, Wood contends,...
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“Bullet-Proofing” Your Statements: 6 Keys To Interrogation Preparedness

As a former head of Internal Affairs sections for a major US police department and now an FOP-approved officers’ defense attorney, George Bush II speaks with considerable authority when he says, “Most officers do not have a clue about the scope of their rights when they themselves are the target of an investigation.” That subject...
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Recent Developments In Post-OIS Procedures: Tale Of 3 Cities

1. Chicago officers win right to 24-hr. “grace period” An arbitrator has ruled that Chicago officers involved in shootings can wait at least 24 hours before having to give a recorded statement to investigators from the municipal agency that reviews police shootings. The decision resulted from a grievance filed by Chicago Lodge 7 of the...
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Are Controversial Recommendations About Officers in Shootings Really Valid?

How do you think an officer should be treated after he has shot and killed an offender: A. Like a suspect or a civilian witness–required to give a statement ASAP…isolated for fear he’ll collude with others to concoct a self-serving fairy tale of what happened…interrogated rather than interviewed, with every discrepancy and hole in his...
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