Is The “Ferguson Effect” Real? Survey Says….

Nearly half of patrol officers surveyed nationally say they have cut back on traffic and pedestrian stops, confirming that a suspected “Ferguson Effect” is significantly affecting proactive policing. The recent poll was designed and conducted by certified Force Science Analyst David Blake, a retired 16-year police veteran with a master’s degree in psychology who heads...
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Nix “Irrational” Proposals, Rely On Science-Based Policing: Lewinski

Before a mixed audience of politicians, judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement professionals, Dr. Bill Lewinski warned recently of the risk that emotion-based opinion will trump scientific reality in the mounting pressure to change police practices. Lewinski, executive director of the Force Science Institute, appeared as the keynote speaker at the annual Officer of the Year...
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Policing is Monkey Business, Scientists Discover

Special individuals capable of impartially resolving disputes and using force to maintain order when necessary help keep monkey communities from collapsing in chaos, just as LEOs do in human society, researchers are discovering. “It seems clear that among more highly developed animals, Nature considers policing to be an absolutely essential element in protecting a given...
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Should Red Be The Hot New Cop Color?

Should police uniforms be red? Would that make you safer and more easily in control of touchy situations? You might jump to that conclusion after a quick read of a new study by British scientists of results at the 2004 Olympics. A research team from England’s University of Durham compared the performance of athletes randomly...
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