Are You A Typical U.S. Cop? Measure Against 8,000 Of Your Peers

How typical are your opinions and actions on the job compared to other American LEOs? Do you believe that protests over officers shooting blacks are motivated primarily by anti-police bias? In light of recent high-profile incidents, are you more reluctant to use appropriate force or to stop and question people who seem suspicious? Do you...
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Fear, Stress, And The Survival Personality

You wouldn’t expect a spin-off of National Geographic magazine to have much content related to officer survival, but the August issue of National Geographic Adventure delivers just that in a surprising 1-2 punch. First is an article about how sudden fear and stress affect perception and performance, which draws largely from studies of street officers...
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Three Battles: Top Challenges for Deadly Force Trainers

What does it take to train today’s officers to face deadly force successfully? A panel of nearly a dozen experts spent almost 4 hours voicing opinions on that topic at the recent annual conference of the International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Assn. (ILEETA). But the bottom line was neatly capsulized in a matter of...
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6 Steps To The Cutting Edge: “A Plan For Winning”

Are you making your career a daily opportunity for growth and skills enhancement? Or are you, perhaps unknowingly, sliding into complacent practices that, in a crisis, could seal your doom? As a subscriber to Force Science News, chances are you’re a lifetime learner who regularly reinforces a commitment to be well-prepared for whatever comes your...
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