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Follow-Up On Police Attorney’s “Right-To-Be-Silent” Strategy

In Force Science News #358 [2/27/18], we reported a recommendation from police defense attorney Scott Wood that after an OIS the officer involved should actively invoke his or her constitutional right to remain silent until such time that he or she is ready to give a formal statement. If that is not done, Wood contends,...
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Seven Pointers To Help You Ace A Civil Lawsuit Deposition

The two biggest mistakes officers make in approaching depositions in civil lawsuits are: Equating the experience with the familiar process of testifying as a prosecution witness in a criminal case, and Deciding to “wing it” instead of taking the time and effort to understand and prepare for the “unfamiliar and decidedly hostile” arcane world of...
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6 Ways Cops Can Aid Their Lawyers To Win Use Of Force Litigation

Are you an officer who has been involved in use-of-force hearings or litigation, or are you an attorney who represents LEOs when their force decisions are reviewed or challenged? If so, we’d like to hear your views on how an officer can best help a lawyer in preparing the strongest defense possible after an OIS...
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Hand-On-Your-Shoulder Guide Thru The Post-OIS Legal Swamp

Coming through a life-or-death encounter alive may be only the first challenge in claiming victory in a shooting or other major use of force. After the firing stops, a criminal investigation, an IA review, media scrutiny, and likely civil lawsuits can create punishing secondary assaults for surviving officers if not negotiated properly. It’s this potentially...
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