Hit Probability


Eye-Opening Study Suggests Deep Flaws In Academy Firearms Training

By the time an average police recruit completes typical academy firearms training, how much more skilled in shooting is he than a person who has never shot or even held a handgun before? Not much, according to a first-of-its-kind study by the Force Science Institute that is set for publication in an international law enforcement...
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New Tests Show Deadly Accuracy & Startling Speed Even Inexperienced Shooters Can Achieve in Shooting Cops

The latest round of experiments in the Force Science Research Center’s on-going “hit probability” study has produced preliminary findings with surprising and unnerving implications for LEOs. Among the new discoveries: Even “naive shooters,” untrained and unpracticed with handguns, are amazingly accurate in making head shots at close range, and tend to shoot for the head...
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New Study Launched on “Hit Probability”: What’s Your Real Risk from Surprise Gunfire… & What’s Your Best Protection?

What are the chances that a suspect who suddenly presents a gun and starts shooting as fast as he can will actually hit an officer he’s trying to kill? At what distance will his accuracy significantly drop off? Does playing video games measurably enhance his skill? What’s an officer’s best reaction for avoiding fatal hits?...
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