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The Fatigue Threshold…An Officer’s Worst Nightmare

After nearly 3 decades in law enforcement, Jeffry Johnson still remembers vividly a “hellacious” physical fight for his life as a young cop. “I was called to a scene where a guy was banging on his girlfriend’s door, trying to break in,” he told Force Science News recently. “He was BIG…and on PCP. Six of...
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Two Officer-Survival Studies Due to Kick Off in New FSRC Facilities

Pilot studies for 2 new research projects with significant officer-survival implications will get underway next month [12/07] at a new testing facility designed by the Force Science Research Center near the campus of Minnesota State University-Mankato. One study will seek to measure the time required for an “attentional shift” during a high-stress, potentially violent confrontation....
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Three Studies Will Explore Subtleties of Force Encounters in Hopes of Improving Safety on the Street

Three studies that will explore certain subtleties of force encounters in hopes of improving safety on the street are underway at the Force Science Research Center at Minnesota State University-Mankato. One is expected to provide insights into a phenomenon that has not previously been analyzed in detail, says FSRC’s executive director, Dr. Bill Lewinski. That’s...
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New Studies to Reveal Best Methods for Peak-Performance Training

Two major new studies of how best to train officers to maximize their street skills and win against potentially deadly suspects are being launched by the Force Science Research Center. One project will focus on finding and teaching the most effective techniques for verbally gaining cooperation and preventing assaults by difficult-to-control subjects, such as the...
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New Study Launched on “Hit Probability”: What’s Your Real Risk from Surprise Gunfire… & What’s Your Best Protection?

What are the chances that a suspect who suddenly presents a gun and starts shooting as fast as he can will actually hit an officer he’s trying to kill? At what distance will his accuracy significantly drop off? Does playing video games measurably enhance his skill? What’s an officer’s best reaction for avoiding fatal hits?...
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Cops Give Weaker Commands In Violent Encounters Studies Reveal

The quality of commands officers issue tends to deteriorate drastically in potentially life-threatening confrontations, possibly leaving suspects confused about what they’re expected to do to comply, according to 2 new studies conducted under the auspices of the Force Science Research Center at Minnesota State University-Mankato. What these studies reveal is “more shocking than anything we...
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