Bill Everett
Partnering Instructor

William J. Everett, JD


Bill Everett has maintained dual careers in law enforcement and as an attorney for most of his adult life.  He served as a licensed peace officer in Minnesota from 1980 until 2003.  During that time, he worked as a patrol officer, sergeant, and completed his career at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources as a Conservation Officer with the rank of Major.  At the DNR, Bill was in charge of all new officer and incumbent training, policy development, and professional standards.

Bill has been active in law enforcement training since the early 1990s.  He has taught hundreds of courses on the use of force for police officers, attorneys, and risk managers.  Since working with Force Science, Bill has expanded this training to build comprehension of the performance issues and decision-making challenges inherent in high-stress encounters.  Bill is frequently sought out by major agencies for training due to his deep knowledge of the subject matter and his engaging style as an instructor.

His current law practice centers around providing services and legal representation to the law enforcement community and public sector, training, and serving as an expert witness in police litigation.  He has assisted with the evaluation and development of defenses in use of force cases in Minnesota, Iowa, Virginia, and Montana.