Chris Gard, M.S.
Chief (Ret.)

Senior Consultant, Staff Instructor
Force Science


Chief Chris Gard (retired) is an Advanced Force Science Specialist with nearly three decades of law enforcement experience. In addition to his duties as a Staff Instructor, Chris is a member of the Force Science Consulting Division, advising clients and providing expert testimony in many of the country’s highest-profile use-of-force cases.

Chris serves on the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Crime Prevention Committee. He chaired the Homeland Security Region 5 Training Exercise committee and the Terrorism Early Warning committee. He was a member of the Tri-County Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attack Oversight Board for the Seattle Metropolitan Area while also serving on the Metro Tactical Response Team Oversight Board.

Chris is a former SWAT team member and clandestine lab investigator. He conducted crime scene investigation and management, criminal investigations, crime scene photography, and cognitive interviewing. As a trainer, Chris earned certifications as a firearms instructor, simulator instructor, master reality-based training instructor, defensive tactics instructor, and civilian self-defense instructor.

Chris has a bachelor’s degree, majoring in Psychology and Government. He holds a master’s degree in Criminal Justice, with an emphasis on Forensic Psychology.