Partnering Instructor

Carrie Steiner, Ph.D.

First Responders Wellness Center


Dr. Carrie Steiner is a nationally recognized police psychologist and trauma expert.

Carrie Steiner is a licensed clinical psychologist and founder of the First Responders Wellness Center, a private practice full-service agency to meet the needs of police and first responders’ emotional wellness. As a psychologist, she conducts police and public safety psychological evaluations and specializes in trauma therapy utilizing EMDR, exposure, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Further, she develops wellness programs for police and fire departments, including yearly wellness checks, and does individual and group de-briefings after critical incidents. Dr. Steiner is a certified trauma professional and a member of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police and the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Dr. Steiner is a 13-year former Chicago Police Officer, Crisis Intervention Team Coordinator, peer support member, and Chicago Police Academy instructor. While working for the Chicago Police Department, she spearheaded their veteran CIT training and autism spectrum training for law enforcement. She also has FBI hostage negotiation training, has worked as a psychologist for Cook County and Kane County Jails as well as collaborated with federal government agencies on high-risk cases. She speaks nationally on officer wellness, police suicide, mental illness and police response, de-escalation techniques, cumulative trauma, CIT, Peer support, PTSD, and has several national and local awards.