Chris Butler


Firearms Training for Real-World Assaults

Blisteringly Fast and Intuitively Accurate The annual Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted (LEOKA) studies, in conjunction with research on the speed and biomechanics of assault, continue to provide critical information that must inform training practices. First, armed attacks can occur without warning and can be extremely fast.  In the vast majority of officer fatalities...
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The Einstellung Effect: Are Traditions Holding Us Back?

Internationally recognized experts in the study of violence have observed that our democratic society would cease to exist within a single generation without effective law enforcement. At Force Science, the researchers, trainers, and use of force experts continue to support law enforcement’s vital mission. We remain committed to the men and women who selflessly serve...
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Heart Rate Study

Is Heart Rate a Predictor of Police Officer Performance?

As researchers explore the relationship between physiological arousal and police performance, trainers continue to question whether heart rate was ever a valid predictor of such performance.  Early in our careers, many of us were taught that elevated heart rates equaled decreased performance; but my studies of reality-based training never convinced me of that.  Now, a...
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