Force Science Scholarship Award Winners

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We’re thrilled to announce the recipients of the Force Science Scholarship Awards. This award was created from a partnership between VirTra and the Force Science Institute, allowing twelve outstanding peace officers around the country to earn a scholarship to a five-day Force Science Certification Course in 2021.

The peace officers chosen were from:

  • Ames Police Department, Ames, IA
  • Aurora Police Department, Aurora, IL
  • Colorado State Park & Wildlife, Orchard, CO
  • Covington Division of Police, Covington City, VA
  • Local Police Curriculum Development & Training Unit, NY
  • Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, Bristol, FL
  • Military Ocean Terminal Concord Police, Concord, CA
  • New Carrollton Police Department, New Carrollton, MD
  • Perrysburg Township Police Department, Perrysburg, OH
  • Portland Police Bureau, Portland, OR
  • Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office, Conyers, GA
  • Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department, Santa Barbara, CA

VirTra and the Force Science Institute are furthering research-based and science-backed training crucial for law enforcement education. This results in better prepared officers who are ready to handle the individual needs of their communities.

“This announcement arrives at the perfect time to wish all of our first responders – both law enforcement and military – a wonderful Thanksgiving. Not only now, but every single day, we are thankful to those who put their lives on the line to keep our communities and our country safe. We hope the recipients of this scholarship can gain even more knowledge and confidence.”

Jason Mulcahy, VirTra General Manager

The course, taught by world-renowned instructors, allows attendees to receive a Force Science Analyst Certification. The certification signals their proven ability to recognize the factors that impact human behavior in use-of-force encounters. This course is designed to provide officers with a higher level of learning, providing the necessary tools to help grow their knowledge base and career.

The courses will be taught in 11 different cities around the country, including classes held in California, Florida, Texas and more. The winners listed above may choose from any course at the date and location most convenient for them. The course fee of $1,650 will be paid in full by VirTra for the scholarship winners.

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