May 27, 2020


Critical Incident Interviews: Is the 48-Hour Delay Still Good Advice?

Following a high-intensity event, should officers be allowed to recover before being interviewed? In 2014, Dr. Bill Lewinski, executive director of the Force Science Institute, sat down with Force Science News1 to explain why he recommends a 48-hour minimum recovery period: “This is the general conclusion from some 20 years of scientific research on sleep...
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The Advanced Force Science Specialist Course – Updated, Expanded, and Now Approved for Undergraduate and Graduate College Credits!

Force Science is proud to announce the latest version of its successful Advanced Force Science Specialist course. This updated and expanded program includes additional subject matter experts and will be led by Dr. John Azar-Dickens. Dr. Azar-Dickens is a clinical psychologist, an active police officer, and frequent presenter for the Force Science Institute. The Advanced...
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