VirTra and Force Science Announce Scholarship Award Recipients

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VirTra and the Force Science Institute have partnered up to provide scholarship awards for twelve peace officers to attend a five-day Force Science Analyst Certification course so more officers can obtain a higher level of learning.

The following winners are as follows:

The five-day program, taught by nine world-renowned instructors, allows attendees to receive a Force Science Analyst Certification indicating they have the ability to recognize multiple factors that impact human behavior in use of force encounters. They will uncover the unbiased truth and scientific realities surrounding officer performance under stress, action/reaction time, memory, decision-making and more in complex, rapidly unfolding encounters. Winners will attend one of the courses scheduled for either October or November in Columbia, SC, Omaha, NE and Chicago, IL.

“Working with Force Science to develop a scholarship program helps further our goal of providing expert training to officers around the country. VirTra’s hope is that each of the twelve officers will learn extensive and important concepts that can be taken back to their agencies, allowing for the spread of knowledge and an overall safer agency and community.”

Jason Mulcahy, VirTra General Manager

The importance of the partnership between VirTra and Force Science Institute facilitates furthering research based and science-backed training crucial for officer education. On October 16-17 in Chicago, IL, the Second Annual Force Science Conference will feature VirTra and Force Science instructors, allowing attendees to witness a demonstration of the VirTra simulator with Force Science concepts applied first-hand.

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