Force Science to Present at New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police

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Dr. Bill Lewinski will kick off the 107th Annual Training Conference and Police/Security Expo for the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police on Tuesday, June 25, in Atlantic City, NJ. The Conference combines prominent speakers and training professionals, high-profile incident reviews, and valuable leadership insights for police executives. The Annual Police/Security Expo is one of the largest law enforcement-related trade-shows in North America with over 650 vendors and 7,500 attendees.

The three-hour presentation is titled:  Understanding Human Factors in Lethal Force Encounters. The presentation will focus on the latest research on assailant behavior, which used high speed digital video imaging, accelerometers, and gyroscopes to measure the speed and nature of assaults.  It will also address the necessary training required to effectively address these threats, including skill and decision training. This will be compared to the training results from a three-year, comprehensive study on force training in three states and three countries.  The implications for investigation as well as an understanding between digital memory (video) and human memory in force encounters will also be presented.

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