Charles Remsberg Retires as Editor in Chief of Force Science News

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After penning nearly 400 Force Science News articles, long-time editor in chief, Charles Remsberg, has retired.  Although Mr. Remsberg is no longer a formal member of the Force Science team, the Remsberg classroom, located in the Force Science Institute’s Chicago office, will continue to commemorate his immeasurable contributions.

Many of you know Mr. Remsberg and his then-professional partner, Dennis Anderson, as creators of the most influential police training books ever published; Street Survival, The Tactical Edge, and Tactics for Criminal Patrol.  Together, Anderson and Remsberg founded Calibre Press and its world-renowned Street Survival Seminar.  Fans will recognize Mr. Remsberg as the author of Blood Lessons and recent co-author of the highly acclaimed Street Survival II

Charles Remsberg
Charles Remsberg was inducted into the <a href=httpswwwmedillnorthwesterneduabout usawardshall of achievementcharles remsberghtml target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener aria label=Medill Hall of Achievement opens in a new tab>Medill Hall of Achievement<a> in 2012 at Northwestern University

Mr. Remsberg is one of the most influential forces behind modern officer safety training and education.  Even so, you’d be forgiven if you didn’t recognize him or know the enormity of his contributions.  That’s because Mr. Remsberg has been stewarding the police profession with little interest in highlighting his personal profile.  Instead, he’s been using his award-winning journalism skills as a vehicle through which police experts, attorneys, researchers, and scholars could share, test, and learn from their collective experience.  Mr. Remsberg provided the profession a voice.  Street Survival II cited to nearly 100 police experts.  There, he didn’t just give the profession a voice, he provided the megaphone!

Charles Remsberg’s retirement as the editor in chief of the Force Science News means he’s retired from relentless deadlines and persistent obligations.  But he has not retired from his friends, his colleagues, or his profession.  Fortunately, Mr. Remsberg’s influence will continue to be felt across our profession as he has agreed to assist with special projects.  But, for the time being, he will be enjoying a well-earned break from deadlines. 

Dr. Bill Lewinski, Executive Director of the Force Science Institute, is immensely grateful to Mr. Remsberg for his lasting contributions. Comments to Mr. Remsberg are welcomed at editor@forcescience.org

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  1. James Reschke

    Thank you Mr. Remsberg. Those words are just aren’t adequate or reflective enough for what you’ve done for me. I’ve survived a 36 year police career (1976-2012) because of your dedication. You have been and will continue to be a pillar to the police profession .

  2. Howard Burton

    I attended my first Street Survival Seminar in Doylestown Pennsylvania around 1981. Dr. Remsberg and Dennis Anderson were the only two presenters. The program consisted of 16 mm films and lecture. The program was conducted in a movie theater and the theater was filled. At one point in the program we were told to place our hands and heads on the seat back in front of us. All of the lights were turned off so the theater was completely black. At that point in the dead dark silence someone on stage racked a 12 gauge shotgun. Talk about a pucker factor.
    I truly appreciate the works of Dr. Remsberg and Dennis Anderson. There is no telling how many law enforcement lives they have saved through their books and seminars.
    I am still working after 50 years on the job and am grateful for the law enforcement survival “vision” of Dr. Remsberg and Mr. Anderson.
    I hope you enjoy your well earned retirement Chuck.

  3. Chris Hall

    Chuck Remsberg is a trail blazer, a scholar and a legend in his own time. Who has done more to advance knowledge in a difficult environment? Congratulations on a spectacular career. It has been such a privilege to learn from you

  4. Jeff Ader

    Congrats Mr. Remsberg on your retirement. Like the commenter above I attended a Street Survival Seminar you and Dennis Anderson hosted early in my career….right after meeting Dennis during preparation for both of our first child’s birth in 1988! I can truly say your contributions helped me successfully survive 32 years in law enforcement (and still going) with only a few nicks and bruises. Your books still have a prominent place on my shelf! Thanks for all you’ve done!

  5. Tom Kelly

    Howdy Charles: Just wanted to say a heartfelt Thank You, for the lifesaving Street Survival Programs you and your team created in the mid 1970’s.

    I was given a flyer announcing the first on to come to Portland, Oregon, and jumped right on the opportunity to attend… followed by another 24 or so traveling to the events, the following years, between Oregon and Washington. Even humbled to be given a Challenge Coin for the old fart attendance award!

    I would like to share that what you and your team provided, including your wonderful patrol books, in these presentations have saved my life at least 4 times. Many other officers are alive because of your knowledge and sharing it throughout the nation.

    Many Thanks; Never retire…God didn’t make many men like you to lead, teach and counsel those of us still out on the streets, trying to Keep America Great and Safe.
    In my prayers, for you and yours, for your kindness and caring…Sincerely, Officer Tom Kelly, G4S Security Solutions!

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