Racial Bias in Law Enforcement – Fact or Fiction?

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In her timely two and a half hour presentation, Dr. Lois James, one of the nation’s leading law enforcement researchers, shares what science has to say about the contentious subject of racial bias among police. Among the pressing questions she will approach are:

  • Are law enforcement officers influenced by racial bias but don’t know it?
  • Do they have it but successfully suppress it on the job?
  • Do they deliberately exploit it to skew justice in minority communities?
  • Or, on the whole, are claims that police are racially biased completely unfounded?

Dr. James, a research advisor to the International Association of Chiefs of Police, is internationally recognized for her award-winning and ground-breaking work on how suspect race and ethnicity influence officer decision-making during critical encounters.

Dr. Lois James

Dr. Lois James is an assistant professor at the Washington State University | College of Nursing who studies bias, stress, sleep, and performance in law enforcement and military personnel. She was chosen as the headline speaker at the annual 2018 “Lewinski Lecture,” a series launched in honor of long-time law enforcement department faculty member and administrator Dr. Bill Lewinski, executive director of the Institute.

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  1. Muhtalar Dickson

    A well researched and presented class lecture on a difficult and complex subject. The best in totality, encompassing several major studies.

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