Free: Use of Force Related Quick Study Guides For Training Reinforcement

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Law enforcement officers are involved with an endless variety of encounters, and some of these are relatively rare or very rare indeed.

For instance, Atty. Michael Brave, always popular at ILEETA conferences and other training events for his remarkably detailed, rapid-fire legal updates, points out that on average “for every 71 LEO encounters there will be one use or threatened use of force, and for every 1,000 uses of force there will be one time-associated death.”

Thus, he says, given these comparative infrequencies, “it’s helpful for officers to have study aids to refresh their training, to guide their responses in street situations, to reference after an encounter before generating reports or statements, and to review before grand jury appearances, depositions, and trial testimony.”

Brave has recently created three one-page aids in collaboration with “a significant number of highly knowledgeable authorities” that you can access free of charge and print out for roll call distribution or other training or use purposes.

Click here or visit: www.ecdlaw.info/Study_Aid_CEW for a “rapid study guide” on Conducted Electrical Weapon use

Click here or visit: www.ecdlaw.info/Study_Aid_4th_UoF for a basic review of the 4th Amendment’s Objective Reasonableness Standard and qualified immunity

Click here or visit: www.ecdlaw.info/Study_Aid_Timeline_Cklist for a practical template for recording an “accurate and verifiable” critical incident timeline for investigations.

For more information, Brave can be reached at: brave@laaw.com

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