New Training Aid Reinforces “Best Tactics” For High-Risk Calls

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A new electronic publication that captures the essence of “best tactics” for handling a wide range of high-risk encounters in just 30 pages has been issued by the IACP’s National Law Enforcement Policy Center. It’s a handy resource for crafting refresher reviews for academy, in-service, and roll call training.

The practices and procedures recommended in Officer Safety and Risk Management: Avoiding and Mitigating Officer Deaths, Assaults, and Injuries are not new, but “the increase in officer deaths and assaults over the past several years suggests that they need reinforcement,” the IACP notes.

Focusing on “the most common situations that can lead to officer injuries and deaths,” the document offers specific pointers on 10 topics: ambushes and surprise attacks, body armor considerations, police vehicle crashes, vehicle stops, arrest contacts, warrant service, off-duty arrests, foot pursuits, building searches, and uses of force.

The manual can be ordered in PDF format for $9.25. Click here to go to the order page.

In another development related to the IACP, Dr. Bill Lewinski, executive director of the Force Science Institute, has become a member of that organization’s Police Psychological Services Section. That group, whose members all have PhDs in the behavioral sciences, exchange professional information and provide training and consultation to law enforcement agencies on a wide variety of topics related to police psychology.

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