May 31, 2005


Should Red Be The Hot New Cop Color?

Should police uniforms be red? Would that make you safer and more easily in control of touchy situations? You might jump to that conclusion after a quick read of a new study by British scientists of results at the 2004 Olympics. A research team from England’s University of Durham compared the performance of athletes randomly...
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Brits Visit FSRC to Unravel Mysteries of Police Shootings

Representatives of 2 elite British policing units and a major police union traveled to the Force Science Research Center this month [5/05] for a private 3-day update on the latest scientific findings about officer-involved shootings. Three of the visitors (Andrea Earl, Peter Smyth and Dave Bonnett) were spokespeople for the Metropolitan Police Federation while Mark...
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Study Finds New Clue to Potential Danger

Canadian researchers have added a subtle but potentially significant nuance to the old warning, “Watch the hands.” A study at the University of Alberta has found that the length of a man’s index finger relative to his ring finger can be a predictor of his predisposition for physical aggression. The shorter the index finger is...
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New Shell Ejection Study Suggests Gun Handling Determines Where Empties Fall

An expanded study of shell casing ejection patterns, with important legal implications for law enforcement, has just been completed by the Force Science Research Center, with cooperation of the Los Angeles County (CA) Sheriff’s Dept. Details and an analysis will be reported in the next issue of Force Science News, but FSRC Executive Director Bill...
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